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Company «Respecta» offers Masterbatches for polymers coloration produced by RENKPLAST (Turkey).


Masterbatches for plastic coloration are solid products (normally plastic , rubber or elastomer), in which pigments and additives are optimlly dispersed at a high concentration in the carrier material. The carrier material is compatible with main type of plastics, in which it will blend during molding process, thereby the final plastic product obtains color or masterbatch properties.

Masterbatches are used to color and impart properties to plastic products. The standard recommended Masterbatch quantity for the majority of coloured products is 1-3% in the final product, but its quality plays an important role for durability and functional properties of the product. Masterbatches contain polymers, additives and colorants in special ratio between each other with a purpose to provide general or specific properties.

A Masterbatch ia a product in which, pigments and/or other additives are already optimally dispersed in the carrier material, compatible with principal plastic types, in which it is dissolved, and is supplied in a granulated form.

Carrier Material

The main carrier materias used are: low density polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, EVA , low molecular weight wax, alkyd resin and other polymer materials.

Masterbatches are divided into two major types:

  • Pigment masterbatches to color the plastic.
  • Functional additive masterbatches for impartion of specific characteristics to the plastics , like heat resistance, weather resistance, etc. They include UV, antiblock, antistatic, slip additives, etc.


Main application fields of masterbatches are: films, injection, blow moulding, extrusion, raffia and other.

Please contact the Supplier regarding methods of use.

When producing the inks under “Respecta” trade name,being supported by the world leaders experience , constantly attracting qualified consultants , we base on more that 10 years of our own experience of inks formulations making , which are adapted to the CIS market.

Only high quality raw materials of world leaders in the field of printing inks components are used in the production.

Technologists and specialists of JSC “Respecta” constantly take part in international exhibitions , academic and research seminars , presentations , which allows to maintain high quality level of the output products at the standards of printing inks world leaders.

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